Website Hosting & E-mail

Own your own

Why you need to have your website hosted

So you have a great looking website and now you are ready to show the world. This means that you will need to have the website available on the world wide web (www) 24/7 for your potential visitors to see. To make your website visible to the world, it has to be hosted on a web server and you will need to register a domain name (

Own your own

There is nothing worse than having to change your e-mail address. Owning your own e-mail address means never having to change it again even if you move from your internet service provider or hosting company. It's professional and easier for others to remember. We offer up to 100 mailboxes per domain with 500mb of storage for each.

What you get when hosting your website with us

1GB Website Space

Unlimited Bandwidth / Traffic

100 E-mail Addresses (up to 500MB each)

Free Fax2E-mail

Unlimited E-mail Aliases

Unlimited Auto Responders

Spam Filtering

Webmail Access

Free Scripts

Joomla / Wordpress Support

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Database Tools

Unlimited Sub-domains

Website Statistics

Weekly Backups

Customer Client Panel

Domain Registrations & Renewals

An example of a domain name would be and your e-mail address will be Domain names need to be renewed annually. This is a process that we take care of for you. If you are not sure of your choice of domain name please email us and we will assist you with the names that are available. The process is quick and simple and you can be up and running in a matter of 24 hours.